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Chemical Manufacturing  -Contract Chemical Manufacturing – Bottle filling – Down Packing
Powder blending and packing – ISO certifications (ISO 9001, HACCP, ISO 14001)

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We can solve your chemical manufacturing, packing and supply issues.

Watertest Systems has been making laboratory regents in our Sydney facility for over forty years. Five years ago, we opened our facility to our clients for contract manufacturing. We now offer these facilities and service to the market. Watertest Systems has ISO 9001 for chemical manufacturing and HACCP for chemical manufacturing .

lab services

Our laboratory staff have a wide range of industrial experience.

We ship internationally

We are very products are exported through the Asia Pacific region.

Hight quality standards

Products are made to high standards with strong quality control systems in place


Each year we repurpose approximately 14.5 Tones of HDPE containers

our services

We’re more than just your standard reagent manufacturer.

Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing is a process where a client provides their formulations to Watertest who then source the nominated raw materials  and packaging for Watertest to blend or complete the manufacturing process.

Contract Manufacturing assist our customers in lowering their production cost with increased speed and scalability, Watertest adheres to all Australian compliance and safety regulations throughout the manufacture, storage and supply stages.
Watertest is able to assist with smaller scale custom blending through to large scale complex chemistries.


Bottle filling

Watertest Systems have the  capability to repack liquids including Dangerous Goods and hazardous substances from large 1000L Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC’s) to smaller units ranging from 15ml, 30ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1L and increments up through to 5L.

Repacking of liquids to specific sizes are completed through our filling machine to ensure exact measurements are achieved.

If you have a personalised container to promote your own brand, Watertest systems can repack liquid to exact specifications using your containers.

ISO certifications (ISO 9001, HACCP, ISO 14001) for chemical  manufacturing

At Watertest Systems, a leading Sydney-based manufacturer, we are dedicated to providing unwavering quality and exceptional service. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our ISO certifications (ISO 9001, HACCP, ISO 14001), ensuring every aspect of our chemical contract manufacturing services meets the highest standards.


Down Packing and Repacking 

Watertest Systems Sydney facility has the capability to down pack from IBCs and bulk-bags into drums, pails, cubes, Jerry Cans, and into packs as small as 10 gm or 15 ml.  Our Melbourne factory has the facilities to down pack from ISO containers, and 20,000 litre bladders.


Powder Blending and Packing

Watertest Systems offer Powder blending & Repacking services for all types of powders this includes those classified as hazardous. We also offer a facility to crush products that may have hardened over time to enable customers to re-use.

Powders  can be repacked into specific sizes and exact measurements to ease the movement of the operators, the pack ranges from larger containers to smaller containers complying with Work safe regulations.

If you have a personalised container to promote your own brand, Watertest systems can repack powder to exact specifications using your containers.

We do laRger and small project

We do small bottles and jars all the way up to 1,000 L IBC and ever tanker loads. 

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